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Welcome Message

Prof. Dong Hwan Kim
President of KSME

The Korean Society of Mechanical Engineers was founded on September 5, 1945, just after Korea셲 liberation. Initially called 쏞hosun Mechanical Technology Association, it was given its current name of 쏷he Korean Society of Mechanical Engineers (KSME)" in October 1928. It is the oldest and best academic society with 27,000 members, and it has contributed to the academic development of mechanical engineering in Korea.

KSME publishes several journals such as Journal of the KSME, Transactions of the KSME (A, B, and C / Scopus indexed) and Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology (SCIE indexed). In addition, KSME holds more than 30 academic conferences annually, including an academic conference hosted by the headquarters with more than 2,000 attendees, spring conferences organized by 13 divisions and 8 branches, and international conferences organized by several divisions.

In addition, KSME has enacted about 200 kinds of Korean industrial standards since 1971. Recently, it has been leading the development and dissemination of education for industrial workers. In particular, it has carried out the education of the ASME code (PCC-1, BPVC Sec.VIII Div.1) for the first time in Korea in cooperation with ASME since 2014. KSME is conducting an in-depth study on policies related to the machinery industry through the Institute of Future Machinery Strategy attached to KSME. In addition, KSME carries out various projects such as the hosting of the Machinery Industry Innovation Forum, Industry-University Cooperation Seminar, establishment of consumer (industry)-oriented expert DB, and selection of the Top 10 Machinery Technologies of the Year.