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Industry-Academia Cooperation

Education of ASME Codes

ASME is operating effective global standards for all mechanical engineering fields including nuclear, gas, and offshore plants. Korea holds the third largest number of ASME certifications in the world, so it is important to educate key technical practitioners. This contributes to maintaining the international competitiveness of the Korean industry.

  • ASME PCC-1-2013 : Guidelines for Pressure Boundary Bolted Flange Joint Assembly
  • BPVC Section VIII, Division 1 : Design and Fabrication of Pressure Vessels
  • BPVC Section I : Power Boilers

KSME-SEMES Open Innovation Challenge

KSME as the leading academic society in the field of Korean mechanical engineering and SEMES, Korea's largest equipment manufacturer in the semiconductor/display industry, work together to come up with ideas for future technological innovation.

On-demand Training for Businesses

Supporting technical consultation and technical training based on company requests.
Provide customized training for corporate employees.

Forums and Meetings for Industry-academe Cooperation