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Divisions Name/Affiliation/E-mail
Materials and Fracture
Name Prof. Jong Sung Kim
Affiliation Sejong Univ.
E-mail kimjsbat@sejong.ac.kr
CAE and Applid Mechanics
Name Dr. Choonsoo Park
Affiliation KRRI
E-mail cspark@krri.re.kr
Dynamics and Control
Name Prof. Sungsoo Rhim
Affiliation Kyung Hee University
E-mail ssrhim@khu.ac.kr
Production and Design Engineering
Name Prof. Hochan Kim
Affiliation Andong Nat셪 Univ.
E-mail hckim@anu.ac.kr
Thermal Engineering
Name Prof. Tong Seop Kim
Affiliation Inha Univ.
E-mail kts@inha.ac.kr
Fluid Engineering
Name Prof. Han Seo Ko
Affiliation Sungkyunkwan Univ.
E-mail hanseoko@skku.edu
Energy and Power Engineering
Name Dr. Seung Hyun Lee
E-mail leeshy1231@ewp.co.kr
Reliability Engineering
Name Prof. Jin-Weon Kim
Affiliation Chosun Univ.
E-mail jwkim@chosun.ac.kr
Bio Engineering
Name Prof.
Affiliation Kyung Hee University
E-mail yoonhkim@khu.ac.kr
Micro-Nano Engineering
Name Dr. Won Seok Chang
Affiliation KIMM
E-mail paul@kimm.re.kr
Name Dr. Young Ju Kim
Affiliation KIGAM
E-mail kyjp7272@kigam.re.kr
IT Convergence
Name Dr. Jong Won Park
Affiliation KIMM
E-mail jwparK@kimm.re.kr
Name Prof. Hang Soo Lee
Affiliation Halla Univ.
E-mail hslee@halla.ac.kr