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Divisions Name/Affiliation/E-mail
Materials and Fracture
Name Dr. UnBong Baek
Affiliation KRISS
E-mail ubbaek@kriss.re.kr
CAE and Applid Mechanics
Name Prof. Young Seog Lee
Affiliation Chung-ang Univ.
E-mail ysl@cau.ac.kr
Dynamics and Control
Name Prof. Doo Ho Lee
Affiliation Dong-Eui Univ.
E-mail dooho@deu.ac.kr
Production and Design Engineering
Name Dr. Dong Gyu Ahn
Affiliation Chosun Univ.
E-mail smart@chosun.ac.kr
Thermal Engineering
Name Prof. Min Soo Kim
Affiliation Seoul Nat'l Univ.
E-mail minskim@snu.ac.kr
Fluid Engineering
Name Prof. Deog Hee Doh
Affiliation Korea Maritime and Ocean Univ.
E-mail doh@kmou.ac.kr
Energy and Power Engineering
Reliability Engineering
Name Prof. Tae-Won Kim
Affiliation Hanyang Univ.
E-mail twkim@hanyang.ac.kr
Bio Engineering
Name Prof. Seok-Jo Yang
Affiliation Chungnam Nati'l Univ.
E-mail sjyang@cnu.ac.kr
Micro-Nano Engineering
Name Prof. Si-Hyung Lim
Affiliation Kookmin Univ
E-mail shlim@kookmin.ac.kr
Name Prof. Yong Chan Kim
Affiliation Korea Univ.
E-mail yongckim@korea.ac.kr
IT Convergence
Name Prof. Kyongsu Lee
Affiliation Seoul Nat'l Univ.
E-mail kyi@snu.ac.kr
Name Prof. Yoon Jae Won
Affiliation Korea Univ. of Technology and Education
E-mail wyjem@kut.ac.kr