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Board of Directors

Duties Name/Affiliation/E-mail
Name Dr. Eui-Sung Yoon
Affiliation KIST
E-mail esyoon@kist.re.kr
Name Prof. Taejo Ko
Affiliation Youngnam Univ.
E-mail tjko@yu.ac.kr
Name Dr. Chungmo Yang
Affiliation RIST
E-mail aeolus2me@gmail.com
Executive Vice President
Name Prof. Dong Hwan Kim
Affiliation Seoul Nat'l Univ. of Sci. & Tech.
E-mail dhkim@seoultech.ac.kr
Vice Presidents
Name Prof. Joongmyeon Bae
Affiliation KAIST
E-mail jmbae@kaist.ac.kr
Name Prof. Younho Cho
Affiliation Pusan Nat'l Univ.
E-mail mechcyh@pusan.ac.kr
Name Prof. Jong-Do Kim
Affiliation Korea Maritime & Ocean Univ.
E-mail jdkim@kmou.ac.kr
Name Prof. Dong Gyu Ahn
Affiliation Chosun Univ.
E-mail smart@chosun.ac.kr
Name CEO Seungwoo Lee
Affiliation Korea Southern Power Co.,Ltd
E-mail aerock01@daum.net
Vice Presidents for Industry-Academic Cooperation
Name CEO Jakyum Koo
Affiliation NVH Korea
E-mail jkkoo@nvhkorea.co.kr
Name CEO Hak-bin Kim
Affiliation Goseong Green Power Co., Ltd.
E-mail hbkim0001@gmail.com
Name Dr. Jongchan Park
Affiliation Hyundai Motor Company
E-mail impactpark@hyundai.com
Name Vice-President Yongjin Song
Affiliation Doosan Heavy Industries
E-mail yongjin.song@doosan.com
Name Dr. Ahn Byung Ki
Affiliation Hyundai Mobis
E-mail bk.ahn@mobis.co.kr
Name Dr. Saikee Oh
Affiliation LG Electronics
E-mail saikee.oh@lge.com
Name Dr. Gap Suk Yoon
Affiliation KOAMI
E-mail kjy@koami.or.kr(鍮꾩꽌떎)
Name Dr. Dong Wook Lee
Affiliation Hyundai-genuine
E-mail dongwook.lee@hyundai-genuine.com
Name Dr. Taekyung Jung
Affiliation SEMES
E-mail tg.chung@semes.com
Name Ms. Moon Myung Huh
Affiliation Dong-A Ilbo
E-mail angelhuh@donga.com
Name Dr. Yong Chang Shon
Affiliation Hanwha Power Systems
E-mail syc.shon@hanwha.com
General Affairs Directors
Name Dr. Hojeong Jeon
Affiliation KIST
E-mail jeonhj@kist.re.kr
Name Prof. SE-JIN Lee
Affiliation Kongju Nat'l Univ.
E-mail sejiny3@gmail.com
Name Prof. Deok Jin Lee
Affiliation Chonbuk Nat셪 Univ.
E-mail deokjlee@jbnu.ac.kr
Name Prof. Wonoh Lee
Affiliation Chonnam Nat셪 Univ.
E-mail wonohlee@jnu.ac.kr
Name Dr. Jungchul Lee
Affiliation KAIST
E-mail jungchullee@kaist.ac.kr
Finance Directors
Name Prof. Hoeryong Jung
Affiliation Konkuk Univ.
E-mail junghl80@konkuk.ac.kr
Name Prof. HyeongJoon Ahn
Affiliation Soongsil Univ.
E-mail ahj123@ssu.ac.kr
Name Prof. Youkeun Oh
Affiliation Hongik Univ.
E-mail youkeun@hongik.ac.kr
Academic Directors
Name Prof. Do-Nyun Kim
Affiliation Seoul Nat셪 Univ.
E-mail dnkim@snu.ac.kr
Name Prof. Duhwan Mun
Affiliation Korea Univ.
E-mail dhmun@korea.ac.kr
Name Prof. Keonwook Kang
Affiliation Yonsei Univ.
E-mail kwkang75@yonsei.ac.kr
Name Prof. Songkil Kim
Affiliation Pusan Nat'l Univ.
E-mail songkil.kim@pusan.ac.kr
Name Prof. Joon Hyung Shim
Affiliation Korea Univ.
E-mail shimm@korea.ac.kr
Editorial Directors
Name Prof. Inkyu Park
Affiliation KAIST
E-mail inkyu.park@kaist.ac.kr
Name Prof. Dongwon Yun
Affiliation DGIST
E-mail mech@dgist.ac.kr
Name Dr. Won Seok Chang
Affiliation KIMM
E-mail paul@kimm.re.kr
Name Prof. Seok Kim
Affiliation POSTECH
E-mail seok.kim@postech.ac.kr
Name Prof. Hak Sung Kim
Affiliation Hanyang Univ.
E-mail kima@hanyang.ac.kr
Name Prof. Young Hak CHO
Affiliation Seoultech Univ.
E-mail yhcho@seoultech.ac.kr
Name Prof. Haejin Choi
Affiliation Chung-Ang Univ.
E-mail hjchoi@cau.ac.kr
Business Directors
Name Dr. Jong Won Park
Affiliation KIMM
E-mail jwparK@kimm.re.kr
Name Prof. Jong Sung Kim
Affiliation Sejong Univ.
E-mail kimjsbat@sejong.ac.kr
Name Prof. Yeong-Do Park
Affiliation Dong-eui Univ.
E-mail ypark@deu.ac.kr
Name Prof. Hyungmin Park
Affiliation Seoul Nat셪 Univ.
E-mail hminpark@snu.ac.kr
Name Dr. Young Kim
Affiliation KIMM
E-mail ykim@kimm.re.kr
Name Dr. Nam Sub Woo
Affiliation KIGAM
E-mail nswoo@kigam.re.kr
Publicity Directors
Name Prof. Hyungsuk Lee
Affiliation Yonsei Univ.
E-mail hyungsuk@yonsei.ac.kr
Name Prof. Kyunghoon Kim
Affiliation Sungkyunkwan Univ.
E-mail kenkim@skku.edu
Name Prof. Dongjoo Kim
Affiliation Kumoh Nat'l Univ.
E-mail kdj@kumoh.ac.kr
Name Prof. Young Whan Park
Affiliation Pukyoung Nat'l Univ.
E-mail parkyw@pknu.ac.kr
International Cooperation Directors
Name Prof. Dong Rip Kim
Affiliation Hanyang Univ.
E-mail dongrip@hanyang.ac.kr
Name Prof. Sun Young Kim
Affiliation Kunsan Nat셪 Univ.
E-mail sykim77@kunsan.ac.kr
Name Mr. WooYoung Chung
Affiliation KATECH
E-mail wychung@katech.re.kr
Name Dr. Hong Soo Choi
Affiliation DIGIST
E-mail mems@dgist.ac.kr
Editor-in-Chief (Trans. Korean Soc. Mech. Eng. A&B)
Name Prof. Yoon-Suk Chang
Affiliation Kyung Hee Univ.
E-mail yschang@khu.ac.kr
Editor-in-Chief (Technology and Education)
Name Prof. Tae Seon Park
Affiliation Kyungpook Nat'l Univ.
E-mail tsparkjp@knu.ac.kr
Editor-in-Chief (JMST)
Name Prof. Heuy Dong Kim
Affiliation Andong Nat'l Univ.
E-mail kimhd@anu.ac.kr
Editor-in-Chief (JMST Advances)
Name Prof. Seung Woo Kim
Affiliation KAIST
E-mail swk@kaist.ac.kr
Industry-Academic Cooperation Directors
Name Dr. Young Ju Kim
Affiliation KIGAM
E-mail kyjp7272@kigam.re.kr
Name Dr. Youngchul Kim
Affiliation KOAMI
E-mail kychul@koami.or.kr
Name Dr. Hyun Chul Kim
Affiliation NRF
E-mail kimhc@nrf.re.kr
Name CEO Jee-Hoon Seo
Affiliation ITED Inc.
E-mail jhseomems@ited.kr
Name CEO Kyung Hee Song
Affiliation Daeyoung Power Pump Co., Ltd.
E-mail dew322@dypump.co.kr
Name Mr. Kwang-ChulL Song
Affiliation DY SYSTEM CO LTD
E-mail kcsong813@dypump.co.kr
Name Dr. Kyuho Song
Affiliation DGMIF
E-mail snpsong@naver.com
Name Dr. Guhyun Ryu
Affiliation LIG Nex1 Co., Ltd.
E-mail guhyunryu@lignex1.com
Name Dr. Jongouk Youn
Affiliation Ministry of SMEs and Startups
E-mail joyoun@korea.kr
Name CEO In Ki Jun
Affiliation VP Korea, Inc.
E-mail ikjun@vpkcorp.com
Name Mr. Sung Chan An
Affiliation Hyundai Heavy Industries Co
E-mail scan@hhi.co.kr
Name Dr. Myeong-Hyun Baek
Affiliation METABIOMED
E-mail baek.sky@gmail.com